5 Benefits Of Commercial CCTV Surveillance Systems

Modern commercial security systems are made up of a variety of manual and virtual components that work together to achieve the best safekeeping methods. CCTV cameras, security alarms, access controls, body scanners, and other security devices are used to either record attempted criminal actions, deter thieves, or create alerts to ensure a swift response to anti-social behaviour.

A network of integrated CCTV cameras help prevent crime and improve security and surveillance in several ways:

1) Deterring Criminal Activity

Most thefts are crimes of opportunity. Criminals attempt them without much foresight, because the opportunity presents itself and they feel they can get away with it. Often, the presence of a visible commercial CCTV surveillance system is enough to deter an opportunistic thief, and even a professional criminal will think twice if they believe there is a strong chance of detection by a modern system. 

The same applies to petty fraud and antisocial behaviour in casinos. People are more likely to behave themselves if they know they’re being observed on CCTV, and an overt system may be enough to dissuade customers from dishonest conduct in the gaming room.

2) Improved Commercial Insurance rates

Many commercial and entertainment venues attract punitive rates of insurance because of their high risk of theft and fraud. However, some insurers are prepared to offer preferential rates or improved terms to businesses that can demonstrate an effective and integrated surveillance system, equipped with modern CCTV equipment. This is deemed to reduce the risk of loss to the insurance company.

3) Safety And Peace Of Mind For Your Staff

The people most likely to suffer from violence, theft, and antisocial behaviour are your employees, whether working behind the bar, on the door, or as part of your security team. A CCTV video surveillance system gives your employees peace of mind and reassurance while carrying out their roles, safeguarding them from assault and improving their morale and productivity.

4) Improved Reputation Among Consumers

While consumers are sometimes ambivalent to the presence of CCTV in public spaces, it is usually welcomed in commercial and leisure environments – especially casinos and other venues with a reputation (whether deserved or not) for a high crime risk. Consumers simply feel safer in the presence of CCTV, which is viewed as a neutral observer without the biases of security staff – and happier consumers are more likely to visit your premises, stay longer, and spend more money.

5) Cost-Effective Protection 

Of all the security options available to businesses, an integrated CCTV system is one of the most cost effective. Once installed, modern systems are easy to maintain and require very few repairs.

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Image source: Pixabay