What Is an Access Control System?

An electronic access control system (ACS) is smart tech – a serious upgrade from a traditional lock-and-key setup. Computer-controlled deadbolts, digital keycard and fob scanners, timestamp access loggers, and a centralised control server ensure streamlined, strengthened, and automated secure access. Lockpicks, burglars, and opportunistic thieves find themselves thwarted by a tightly controlled and monitored invisible perimeter.

In tandem with an advanced intercoms system such as those installed by HD Integrated, an access control system works to keep your security an optimal levels, 24/
Each keycard and fob can be personalised, giving staff direct access to the areas they’re authorised. Designated security tiers and secure rooms allow precision foot traffic control. Automated software and alarm integration also allow for timed lockdowns, emergency door releases, and localised shutdowns.

How Can I Plan My New ACS?

At the foundation of every effective ACS is a great network floorplan. Your initial blueprint needs to match the unique needs of your business, alongside anticipating the quirks and divisions present in the buildings you’re outfitting. Here’s our checklist for ensuring that your contractor knows exactly what you need from an ACS and where you’ll need it before you sign.

Paint The Floors

Start by printing out a rough paper map of the building (clearly including all doorways) and picking up some coloured highlighters. You can establish security sectors, tiers, and any individualised (e.g. flat, apartment) locks simply by colouring in enclosed spaces. If you’re outfitting a commercial space, such as a casino, pay close attention to different employee clusters, gaming rooms, bars, and offices.

Ask The Vital Questions

From there, you can start to refine your plan. Which areas need to be more secure (and better budgeted) than others? Are there any access points that need to be strictly restricted (e.g., reception, archive access)? How many lock readers will you need to install for your ACS to work well? And where will you install the emergency access release buttons? Most importantly, are there any obvious ways that a crucial checkpoint might be dodged, ignored, or subverted?

Choose Between Physical (Legacy) and Cloud Control

Magnetic keycard ACS (or PACS) has been around since the 1980s, pre-dating the Internet and wireless local area network (WLAN) lock control hubs. While PACS is significantly cheaper to install and run than ACS, it’s also more easily subverted by spoofing and cloning cards. Cloud-controlled, online systems avoid the drawbacks of PACS and quickly alert admins to hacks, but they can be more complex and expensive to install, run, and maintain. They do, however, allow for remote control and monitoring via a central security dashboard. Cloud tech can keep a copy of all access records off-site, improving disaster recovery.

Pick Your Unlocking Methods and Two-Step Security Measures

Once you’ve completed your comprehensive floor plan, choose which physical verification method you’d like to use with your new ACS. Cards and fobs are your two main options, but there are alternatives. Biometric scanners, numerical keypads, face recognition and traditional second-stage key locks can run alongside or instead of either. You don’t have to pick one exclusively – unique methods can secure different areas.

Request A Quote

Once you’ve finished planning, talk to HD Integrated. We’ll analyse your layout, suggest any improvements you might have missed, and then give you a reasonable, no-obligation quote for the work and parts you’ve outlined.

Book Your Door Access Control Installation

You’ll need to set aside a short amount of downtime for the upgrade. It’s wise to do this at off-peak times, as lock replacements, software upgrades, and new card rollouts can prove disruptive. Pencil in any further additions you might shortly need so that you’re not caught off-guard.

You’re Done!

Enjoy the security, transparency, and reliable, centralised, digitised lock control provided by your new, cutting-edge ACS layout.

Next Steps

To discuss how a modern ACS can improve access security at your casino or gaming establishment premises, please get in touch with one of our technical sales team for an initial chat today.

Image Source: Pixabay