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At HD Integrated Systems, we have over 100 years of combined industry experience within the casino environment, providing integrated security systems in the UK and...
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Access Control

Effective access control devices and access control systems are essential for crowd control, preventing crime and accidents, safeguarding authorised access rights, and increasing customer safety...
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Intruder Alarms

HD Integrated work with customers to establish integrated intruder alarms that deter criminals and provide early warning of unauthorised access. These alarms operate within a...
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Maintenance Contracts

At HD Integrated Systems we look after security systems whether we initially fitted them or not. We will have a contract that will meet your...
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Video Analytics, AI, & Business Intelligence

At HD Integrated Systems, we offer businesses a range of video analytics, AI, and business intelligence solutions to provide greater accuracy and value from your...
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Remote Locking

HD Integrated provide remote locking solutions for doors, turnstiles, gateways, and access barriers, for use in casinos, shops, hospitals, and other secure commercial environments. Remote...
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Crowd Dynamics

At HD Integrated Systems, we design tailor-made camera security systems with inbuilt crowd dynamics and video analytics. Crowd dynamics analyses the movement of punters between...
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