Fogging Systems

HDI Systems can install fogging systems in casinos, hospitals, schools, shops, or high-end homes that provide an additional level of security should an intruder alarm be triggered. A fogging system, or ‘fogger’, releases a thick non-toxic ‘smoke’ from ceiling mounted vents in order to obscure visibility in a room should unauthorised access occur. Fogging systems are normally linked to alarms and CCTV camera systems, and are designed to deter a concerted break-in attempt.

Most fogging systems release so much smoke into a room that intruders immediately turn back, so they are effective at preventing crime. Many systems also generate smoke that leaves some mark on intruders that can be traced during a crime investigation.

When combined with remote locking systems, a fogging system can also effectively contain and detain intruders until the police arrive, and thermal screening camera technology ensures that your security team can see all room occupants in infrared, even when there is no visibility.

Where We Work

Fogging systems are specialist security devices that can be applied to a range of sectors. We have successfully implemented these devices for customers in the following industries, among others:

  • Casinos, electronic gaming, gaming, and gambling establishments
  • Hospitality and leisure businesses – including hotels, restaurants, nightclubs
  • High-end residential buildings
  • Commercial businesses – including retail parks, manufacturing centres, warehouses, shops etc.
  • Corporate and office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public sector organisations
  • Construction sites

We have two fully equipped offices and engineering bases in the UK – in Manchester and in Sutton, close to London. This gives us easy access to customers throughout the country, allowing us to provide a responsive and efficient service.

Tailored Security Solutions From HD Integrated Systems Ltd

Established in 2011, HDI Systems are the UKs leading specialist provider of fogging systems and integrated security solutions for the gaming and betting sector, as well as other industries where customer safety and crime prevention is paramount. Our team of experts draw upon decades of experience installing, maintaining, and designing camera and security systems – a background that lets us provide a tailored, end-to-end solution for each client.

How To Find Out More

All our systems are completely bespoke and can be integrated with a range of other surveillance, monitoring and security systems. To discuss your requirements with one of our knowledgeable team, or to request a quote, please call us on 020 3292 0588, or click here to send us a message.