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Advanced CCTV and security systems services

CCTV solutions are incredibly important when it comes to the monitoring and security of your business property. CCTV systems can take many forms and fulfil multiple purposes, and so finding a company that can provide the specificities that your requirements demand is important. As a company we specialise in CCTV and security systems services that provide you with insight into your company, enabling you to gather valuable data. Our data integration is pivotal in this. To get in touch with our knowledgeable team, call us on 020 7871 3920.


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The systems we can put in place

Every one of our CCTV systems are designed in a bespoke process for your individual needs. Due to the changeable nature of what our clients require, the design of the solutions is the most important aspect. We have a wealth of experience to identify the specifics of what you need. A CCTV system for your company will likely utilise different techniques and additional services, such as fogging systems for intruder alarms, and access control for the management of visitor access. Have a comprehensive conversation with our team, who can explain to you the solutions and systems that we can put in place – there is no limit to how we can help you.

What are the benefits of a
bespoke CCTV system?

The benefits of an innovative CCTV system are plentiful and can offer your company varying information that you can further utilise.

Business analytics

CCTV systems such as crowd dynamics and video analytics can provide data that you can use to advance the running and marketing of your company. The data integration of these systems can be paired with our consultancy service, allowing you to gain valuable insight into your customers and their movements.

Safety and security

Security is a large part of being within a business premises, especially if you have valuable and expensive equipment. Advanced CCTV systems such as thermal screening can protect the safety of your property and your employees and allow you peace of mind.

Data gathering

The systems we can provide can offer insight into the inner workings of your company, by gathering important data. From identifying the most common visitors (with details ranging from their age to their mood), to monitoring the temperature of each room of your premises, the data can be expertly analysed.

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Prioritising data integration

The amalgamation of our systems is something that could prove invaluable for your business. Our service is specialised in our experience within industries, ensuring that we understand how to create a relationship between CCTV equipment and systems. This integration of data is what takes our service to the highest calibre.

Working in tandem with Axis Communications

Axis Communications provide CCTV equipment and products that are of the highest standard. As Gold Partners with this manufacturer, we are able to offer our clients solutions that we are confident they can count on to be durable and reliable – which is incredibly important in many high-stakes industries.

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