Crowd Dynamics

At HDI Systems, we design tailor-made camera security systems for casinos and gaming establishments with inbuilt crowd dynamics and video analytics. Crowd dynamics analyses the movement of punters between rooms in a casino – for example – and the density of people in any given space. This has range of security, safety, and business intelligence applications, including;

  • Identify popular facilities and rooms, so you can promote your most lucrative services and make adjustments to less popular areas.
  • Manage footfall at peak times to prevent overcrowding.
  • Allow better facial recognition and crowd control in order to deter thieves.
  • Plan your gaming tables, bar areas, and resources to make full use of your layout and space.

Where We Work

Our team of engineers and designers serve customers across the UK from our business locations in Manchester and London. Clients come to us from a variety of industries and sectors, most notably casinos and gaming establishments, but also residential customers, construction contractors, hospitals, schools, offices, and commercial organisations.

5 Reasons To Work With HDI Systems Ltd

  1. We specialise in comprehensive, integrated electronic security solutions, tying together fire detection, intruder alerts, perimeter surveillance, access controls, advanced CCTV, and AI-driven analytics to provide bespoke, efficient systems.
  2. We bring the power of cloud-based controls, monitoring, and access to CCTV security, allowing access from any Internet-enabled device, and improving the responsiveness of your security staff on-site.
  3. Recognising the specific needs of the gaming industry, our systems are designed to help casinos and leisure establishments reduce instances of fraud, resolve disputes fairly, diffuse security problems, and provide an enjoyable and safe environment for customers.
  4. Established in 2011, our business brings together an experienced team with more than four decades’ specialist expertise in CCTV installation and design consultancy.
  5. We pride ourselves not only in the quality of our components and system design, but also in our commitment to long-term support. In establishing productive long-term relationships with our customers, we can update and modernise your systems as technology evolves and your needs change.

Beyond Security – How Crowd Dynamics Can Support Your Business Goals

Crowd dynamics is an advanced analytics tool that has wide-ranging business benefits, beyond immediate security and crime prevention. To start getting true value from your CCTV camera system, have a chat with one of our advisers today. We can design and implement a bespoke system that improves safety and enables positive business decisions – bringing a positive return on investment. Take the next steps today by sending us an email explaining your requirements, and one of our service team will be in touch soon.