Intruder Alarms

HDI Systems work with customers to establish integrated intruder alarms that deter criminals and provide early warning of unauthorised access. These alarms operate within a holistic system that includes security barriers, CCTV cameras, and access controls. The primary purpose of intruder alarms are to prevent theft and vandalism, so many businesses install them around entrance points, storerooms, and strongrooms where cash is kept overnight. However, they can also alert staff at casinos when a visitor wanders into an off-limits area, or when someone attempts to access a building using an out of date or unrecognised key card.

Modern intruder alarm systems can be configured to serve the needs of any business – from providing security in schools to safeguarding warehouses.

Intruder alarms can take several forms, the most obvious being the classic audio and visual alarm designed to scare off intruders. Alarms can also trigger emails or SMS messages to be sent to security and management staff, and some can send direct alerts to police or fire services. Our team of experienced surveillance and security consultants will work with you to establish a cost-effective system that genuinely improves the safety of your business.

Where We Work And Who We Work With

Our area of operation covers all businesses in the UK, with our engineering and design team operating from two bases – one in Manchester and the other near London. To date we have installed intruder alarms for customers in a variety of sectors, including:

  • Gaming and entertainment – including casinos, electronic gaming, and gambling businesses
  • Residential – including high-end housing developments, apartments and hotels
  • Public sector – including hospitals and government buildings
  • Commercial – including retail businesses, logistics and distribution centres, and offices
  • Education – including secondary and primary schools, colleges, and universities

Intruder Alarms From HDI Systems

At HDI Systems, we have been providing custom-designed electronic security, alarm, and camera systems for a range of organisations since 2011. Our team combine more than 40 years’ experience in integrated surveillance technologies, allowing us to offer exceptional value for money and efficiency, with the latest alarm and detection systems. Our alarm systems and hardware are sourced through partnerships with some of the world’s leading security manufacturers, to guarantee the highest quality standards and customer assurance.

Find Out More

Our intruder alarms are configured for each client to provide maximum deterrence value and the earliest possible warning of a security breach. If you’d like to discuss your needs in detail with one of our advisers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our alarms can be configured to provide specific alerts, and work well when integrated with wider security and surveillance measures. Please click here to request a call back.