Video Analytics, AI & Business Intelligence

At HD Integrated Systems, we offer businesses a range of video analytics, AI, and business intelligence solutions to provide greater accuracy and value from your CCTV camera and security systems. Video analytics improves the accuracy and efficiency of a CCTV security system, enabling better facial recognition and behavioural identification. For casinos and gaming establishments – in which our integrated security systems are widely used – video analytics makes it easier to resolve cash disputes at gaming tables. This ensures that customers are treated fairly while false claims are easier to dismiss – avoiding fraudulent pay outs.

The AI element of video analytics involves the advanced data-processing capacities of modern CCTV cameras. Our cameras can analyse headcounts, gender and age profiles, and footfall in particular rooms, as well as customer-defined metrics, without manual input, saving your security team time and providing alerts when required.

Smart camera video analytics not only boosts security and reduces fraud in the casino, but can also be used to make intelligent business decisions. For example, video analytics can identify your most popular rooms, tables, and services, as well as your most busy times.

Video analytics also provides accurate information about your customer demographic and lets you implement tactical decisions to reach your target market – for instance, by giving certain customer profiles preferential access at busy times, or honing your services to increase spend in popular rooms.

Where We Work

From our conveniently located headquarters in Surrey, close to London, we serve clients throughout the UK in a range of sectors:

  • Casinos, gaming centres, and gambling entertainment businesses
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • High-end homes, residential complexes, and apartment buildings
  • Retail and commercial premises
  • Offices and business parks
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Public sector organisations

We also maintain an office in Manchester, and one in Cyprus for customers outside the UK.

Why Choose HD Integrated?

At HD Integrated Systems, we offer a range of surveillance and video analytics solutions for businesses in retail and the gaming industry, enabling customers to quickly resolve disputes, identify security problems, and plan security resources effectively. Our advanced camera systems are capable of conducting headcounts, facial recognition, and number plate identification, helping you analyse times and services of peak demand, and enabling more efficient crowd and vehicle control.

With over 40 years’ experience in integrated camera, alarm, and analytics systems, we are the UK’s leading specialist service provider for casinos, retail, schools, and high-end residential security solutions.

Discover The Benefits Of An Integrated Surveillance And Security System

Video analytics allows you to do more with your surveillance data and images, letting you make intelligent decisions for your business, improving the safety of your premises, and resolving security issues successfully. To find out more about how to integrate video analytics, AI, and business intelligence with your CCTV security system, give one of our security specialists a call today on 020 3292 0588.