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Professional video analytics, AI and business intelligence

At HDI Systems, our advanced video analytics AI capabilities go beyond traditional security measures. From facial recognition and behavioural identification to headcount analysis and customer profiling, our solutions provide a comprehensive understanding of your operations. Imagine being able to resolve cash disputes at gaming tables with utmost accuracy, ensuring fairness for customers and preventing fraudulent payouts.

Whether you’re a casino, a school, a retail establishment, or any other type of business, our video analytics and business intelligence solutions can be the solution. All our systems are tailored to your specific needs and environment. Call us on 020 7871 3920 today.


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By choosing HDI Systems as your security partner, you will also be taking a step towards smarter and informed decision making. Call us today to see how our services could be of use to you – 020 7871 3920 or email You can also fill out the form below and we will reach out to you promptly.

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What can a business intelligence service do for you?

Through our intelligent video analytics, AI and business intelligence, you gain access to information that can enhance your overall business operations. Our AI-driven video analytics can analyse foot traffic patterns, identify popular services, and even monitor customer demographics – all without manual input. This invaluable information can be leveraged to make strategic business decisions, such as optimising staffing levels, tailoring services to target markets, or implementing preferential access during peak hours. Moreover, our facial recognition and behavioural identification capabilities enhance threat detection accuracy, creating a safer environment for your staff and customers.

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Bespoke, tailored services

At HDI Systems, we understand that every business is unique, with distinct operational requirements and security challenges. That’s why our approach is tailored and bespoke for each client. We take the time to comprehensively understand your business, industry, and objectives, allowing us to design and implement a customised security solution that addresses your specific needs.  From integrating specialised video analytics tailored to your operations to configuring access control protocols that align with your personnel flow, our solutions are meticulously crafted to provide a seamless and cohesive security experience. This bespoke approach ensures that your investment in our services yields maximum impact.

Why choose HDI Systems for AI-powered video analytics?

Customised solutions

We offer a complete range of surveillance, video analytics, CCTV, and business intelligence solutions, ensuring a seamless and personalised approach to your security.

Data integration

Our solutions seamlessly integrate video analytics data with your existing security systems, such as facial recognition, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Bespoke approach

With over four decades in the industry our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience in deploying security solutions.

Axis Communications Gold Partner

As a Gold partner of Axis Communications, we ensure our clients have access to the latest advancements in video surveillance systems.

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