Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software analyses the geometry of a person’s face to create a unique code, or face print. This data can be stored and used (covered by Data Protection legislation and best practices) in a similar way to other biometric data, including fingerprints, retinal scans and voice recordings. Face prints are now widely used by consumer devices (e.g. the latest generation of Apple iPads) and by some e-commerce websites to enable CGI services (e.g. some sunglasses retailers).

Facial recognition CCTV cameras use face print algorithms to identify and analyse details about someone’s face, such as jaw or nose shape, or the distance between lips and chin. This information can be stored in a database and used to identify a person against other known individuals.

At HDI Systems, we offer our customers facial recognition-enabled security cameras to help improve security, safety, and customer experience in a variety of industries. There are several valuable applications for this technology:

  • Identify people suspected of involvement in a crime (or clear suspected individuals of involvement), with evidence that can be used in court proceedings.
  • Track the movement of individual customers around different rooms of your building, logging the time spent in each. This information can be used, for example, to provide personalised marketing material or make decisions about introducing new services.
  • Note repeat visits of a customer to your business. This information can be cross-referenced with average spend to build a picture of customer value, and track the effects of promotions and advertising to build revenue.
  • Provide fast access to secure areas for authorised visitors, employees, and customers.

Office Locations

HDI Systems are based in Sutton, Surrey, within easy reach of the London M25, and we also have an office, storage area, and workshop in Manchester. From these locations we provide design, implementation, and upgrade support to customers throughout the UK. We also have a base in Cyprus, from which we serve customers outside the UK.

Who Uses Our Facial Recognition Services?

Facial recognition software is extremely useful to businesses working in a variety of sectors. Our customers include leading casinos and gaming establishments, as well as retail businesses, hospitals, and schools, as well as some residential customers.

Why Work With HDI Systems?

At HDI Systems, we incorporate the most advanced camera technology into our bespoke systems, giving our customers all the latest tools and improvements – including accurate facial recognition capabilities. Bringing together an experienced team of CCTV engineers and surveillance specialists, our business was founded in 2011 to provide end-to-end security solutions for casinos and gaming establishments, from design, to installation and ongoing support.

What Next?

All modern CCTV cameras benefit from facial recognition software, and the technology is rapidly proving its worth in successfully bringing prosecutions to court, deterring thieves, and identifying security issues at gaming establishments. To discuss how facial recognition and other advanced camera technology can boost security and safety at your business, call us today on 020 3292 0588 or send us an email by clicking here.