Body Worn Video

HDI Systems offer body worn video cameras as part of our integrated surveillance and security solutions for casinos and gaming businesses. Security guards and door staff have an important customer service and security role to play, and frequently have to resolve difficult situations with patrons, as well as being in the front line of preventing criminal behaviour.

So that patrons and security staff are treated fairly, it is essential that a high-quality video system is in place to provide evidence when required, to ensure incidents are reported accurately, and that staff are protected from accusations of misconduct. Wall and ceiling-mounted CCTV may not provide the full visibility needed to resolve incidents efficiently and fairly, which is why many casinos support their camera system with body worn video for security staff.

Real-Time Support For Your Security Team

These fully legal body worn cameras record both visual and audio data from incidents as they happen, with data transferred in real-time to a cloud-based server for analysis. The cameras provide an evidence log of incidents that can be used to monitor staff conduct, assess training needs, avoid fraudulent customer pay out claims, and support any legal proceedings. Additional camera support on the ground also makes it easier to identify potential troublemakers and criminal elements, and keep legitimate patrons safe. Furthermore, potentially dangerous situations can be flagged up more quickly through body cameras, allowing your control centre to call assistance to your security staff and defuse incidents before they escalate.

Our body worn cameras can be integrated with your wider CCTV surveillance system and play an essential role in helping your security team carry out their jobs in safety, giving increased protection to your business and peace of mind to customers.

Sectors We Work In

Body-worn video cameras have wide applications in a variety of sectors. From our offices in London and Manchester we cover the whole of the UK, providing design consultancy, installation, and technical support.

  • Casinos, electronic gaming, and gambling businesses
  • Hospitals, schools, and public sector organisations
  • Commercial and corporate security
  • High-end residential properties
  • Hotels and leisure businesses

About HDI Systems

HD Integrated Systems Ltd were set up in 2011 to provide integrated camera security systems for clients in the gaming, retail, and luxury residential sectors. Drawing on over 40 years combined experience, we can advise you on all aspects of electronic security, monitoring, detection, and access controls.

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Body worn video cameras give your security staff and key personnel peace of mind, enabling you to draw down assistance when necessary, and providing clarity when assessing the actions of staff and punters in various situations, and resolving disputes. To find out more about how to integrate body worn video with your static CCTV security cameras, give us a call today, or click here to send us a message.