Remote Locking

Remote Locking

HDI Systems provide remote locking solutions for doors, turnstiles, gateways, and access barriers, for use in casinos, shops, hospitals, and other secure commercial environments. Remote locking reduces the need for security staff to directly monitor secure areas, removing them from the front line of danger in the case of an unauthorised access attempt, and improving the efficiency of security patrols.

Flexible Remote Access

Remote locking can be instigated through a customer portal on a laptop or desktop computer, or through a secure app on a mobile device. This can be done from anywhere, so that a person in a remote control centre or monitoring station, for example, could activate remote locks if the CCTV cameras picked up suspicious activity. Locks can also be programmed to autolock or open at specific times, reducing the risk of human error during the opening and closing up routines of casinos and leisure facilities. (Many thefts and break-ins are opportunistic, resulting from a door accidentally left open, or a car park barrier left up).

Automated Security

Remote locking procedures can also be set up to be triggered by certain events, such as the presence of ‘blacklisted’ people entering specific areas (identified through facial recognition). Using the same technology, fire doors, smoke barriers, sprinklers, and fire dampers can also be triggered by smoke detectors.

In this way, an integrated security and surveillance system can be developed, incorporating customisable alarms, alerts, and security measures, triggered by behavioural cues and governed by advanced AI algorithms.

Areas Of Operation

Our remote locking services are used by casinos, schools, hospitals, retail centres, and offices – alongside a wide range of clients drawn from different sectors. Our two UK locations in London and Manchester give us fast access to customers up and down the country, and clients outside the UK are served from a customer service base in Cyprus.

Let’s Talk Security

HDI Systems are the specialist supplier to turn to when you need remote locking systems as part of wider access control measures. We can advise you on the best solutions for your business that integrate with existing perimeter controls, intruder detection alarms, cameras, and other security systems.

  • 10 years direct experience installing custom security systems for a range of organisations, with 40 years combined experience in the CCTV and access control industry
  • Trusted by dozens of casinos and gaming/betting establishments to guarantee staff and customer safety
  • We work closely with each customer to carefully assess the needs and layout of their premises, so that the solutions we provide give maximum coverage and control, at the best value for money

Next Steps

Remote locking systems provide a great security benefit when incorporated with a wider, integrated security and monitoring system. It can improve the efficiency of your opening and closure procedures, and increase safety for your security staff, as well as providing greater security for your premises. As each of our systems is bespoke, have a chat with us today and find out more about the benefits of remote locking for your organisation.