ANPR & Vehicle Management

At HDI Systems, we provide Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and vehicle management cameras to casinos, businesses, hospitals, and other organisations, to improve safety and traffic flow in on-site car parks. ANPR improves security by restricting access to certain parking areas to authorised vehicles, and improves crime resolution by tracing vehicles linked to criminal activity.

Modern CCTV security cameras come equipped with advanced ANPR capabilities. On-board camera analytics can recognise number plates in low light conditions, and even when they have been deliberately obscured (e.g. through mud or paint).

Efficient vehicle management is enabled through camera-based visual cues, linked to motion sensors and barrier access controls. Cameras are programmed to detect the capacity of parking areas, so that busyness levels can be controlled by shutting or opening barriers. This reduces congestion in car parks and improves safety for customers on foot.

Who Is Our Service For?

A variety of organisations can benefit from vehicle management and number plate recognition. We are proud to work with businesses in a range of sectors, including:

  • Education – including schools, universities, and colleges
  • Gaming entertainment – including casinos, betting shops, electronic gaming, and gambling businesses
  • Residential – including high-end homes, apartment buildings, and hotels
  • Public sector – including hospitals, government buildings, etc
  • Commercial – including offices, business parks, shops, and retail centres
  • Construction – including building sites, storage depots, distribution centres etc

Our bases in London and Manchester allow convenient access to customers throughout the country, and we also serve clients outside the UK from our office and service centre in Cyprus.

Why Work With HDI Systems?

HDI Systems are one of the country’s leading providers of vehicle management, intruder detection, and electronic security systems, all calibrated and integrated to provide maximum benefit your organisation. Benefits we offer our customers include:

  • An end-to-end service, from system design to implementation, after sales technical support, and ongoing maintenance
  • 40 years specialist experience in the electronic security and surveillance industry, including extensive experience working with niche businesses in the gaming, casino, and gambling sectors
  • Integrated electronic solutions that allow off-site access, remote controls, and externally monitored alarm systems
  • Cost-effective solutions drawing on the latest camera technologies
  • AXIS Gold Partner status – providing the highest levels of quality assurance and standards in network video services

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Automatic Number Plate Recognition is a cornerstone of modern on-premises vehicle management, and can enable swift crime resolution and product recovery in the event of an incident. To find out how to integrate ANPR into your camera and alarm system, please get in touch with one of our security specialists today.