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We offer a list of comprehensive security solutions at HDI Systems that can be personalised to fit your unique needs. We offer excellent products as we are Gold Partners with Axis Communications, along with our extensive expertise. Our designs will suit your exact requirements, making your business secure with our solutions-based approach to design excellent systems. We offer security system services to a wide selection of sectors, having provided large-scale casinos with CCTV solutions and monitoring technology, as well as hotels, schools, hospitals and more. If you’re interested, enquire about our services by calling 020 7871 3920.


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CCTV systems play a crucial role in securing your business premises and ensuring adequate security measures are in place. These systems offer a wide range of customisation options to meet your specific requirements.



Access control

Access control systems enable selective entry for employees or visitors to specific areas of your business premises. This approach eliminates the need for individual keys for every room and can streamline visitor management processes.

ANPR and vehicle management

ANPR falls under the realm of access control, allowing authorised vehicles to enter restricted areas based on their number plate recognition.



Body worn video

Body-worn video systems are designed to protect the wearer by capturing videos of their surroundings. These cameras are worn on the body and can wirelessly transmit recordings to your business’s CCTV system.

Crowd dynamics

Crowd dynamics is mostly used in situations involving large audiences or gatherings of people. It is a technique to gather information that can be used to assess crowd behaviour, as well as monitoring the number of people entering certain spaces.



Facial recognition

Facial recognition is a useful tool for identifying people, especially customers and clients that may be in the gaming and casino sectors. This technique can help verify age requirements for entry into your establishment and track customer activity.

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If you’re interested in exploring our diverse range of CCTV solutions services, all you have to do is give us a call and we will consult with you about tailored security services. We will design a system that fulfils all your requirements. Call us on 020 7871 3920 or email to get started.

Fogging systems

Fogging systems are integrated with alarm systems. Upon triggering the alarm, the fogging system releases a dense fog into the room where an intruder is present, obscuring their vision and preventing them from finding an exit.



Intruder alarms

Intruder alarms are an excellent way to secure your business property. We offer different grades of intruder alarms, in accordance with the NSI certifications.

Remote locking

Remote locking allows you to control access to your business premises and provide emergency locking in case of an intrusion. A schedule can be designed to automatically lock certain doors at specific times, limiting access.



Thermal screening

Thermal screening is the process of detecting temperature. It can be used for perimeter detection in low-light or dark conditions. Even in pitch-black environments, thermal screening can detect the heat signature of a potential intruder.

Video analytics and business intelligence

Video analytics involves the analysis of all video footage captured by your CCTV solutions. It extends to business intelligence, enabling the cameras on your property to detect concerning situations or you can even use the insights for marketing purposes.



Visitor management

Visitor management encompasses various CCTV solutions, including facial recognition, ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), and access control systems.

Maintenance services

When you partner with us to enhance your company’s CCTV security, you’ll also benefit from our maintenance services. These services can be provided as frequently as required for your business and industry. We conduct a thorough assessment of your system, ensuring everything is functioning correctly. If any issues are identified, you will receive a detailed report from our team.


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