5 Reasons Why Access Control Systems Are An Integral Part Of Your Security System

Access systems control who can and cannot enter a site, building, or restricted area. They are essential for any high-security locations, including gaming/entertainment venues, and are increasingly used in schools, hospitals, and private residences, too. Here are the five main reasons that modern access control systems are central to building a robust security system.

1) Security Threats Are on The Rise

After peaking in the early 1990s and undergoing a steady year-on-year decline, crime levels are once again on the rise. Theft, vandalism, and arson are all creeping back into the picture, whilst many businesses have also had to consider the background threat of terrorism. With an access control system, the only people moving in and out of the premises are those with permission to be there, combatting security threats.

2) Tracking Helps To Reduce The Covid Risk

Unless a business employs a mandatory testing or vaccine passport system, tracking and tracing Covid can be challenging. Employees can easily opt out of the NHS App (which is no longer as widely used in late 2021 as it was earlier in the pandemic), forcing companies to instigate their own measures to ensure the safety of everyone on site, including customers, staff, and visitors. This can be almost impossible in places where there is no automatic record of who is coming and going (e.g. bars and nightclubs), putting entire organisations at risk.

With integrated employee ID cards and advanced security software linked to an access control system, everyone is accounted for whilst they are in the area. Therefore, if an infection threat is identified, managers immediately know who is potentially at risk from Covid.

3) Build Deterrence Into Your Security Agenda

Criminals tend to target organisations that they see as easy pickings. Not having secure access control in place is similar to running a site with an open-door policy, which is why serious incidents continue to happen. For organisations, breaches mean increased insurance costs, inventory headaches, and an embarrassing PR dent. With high-level commercial security, organisations can send a clear message to opportunistic criminals that they are not an easy target.     

4) Increase Employee Wellbeing

Employees in customer-facing roles are often subjected to verbal abuse and intimidation and are disproportionately the victims of attempted theft and physical assault. Studies show that, whatever the intrinsic level of risk in their job role, when employees feel unsafe in their environment, morale and productivity suffer, leading to increased staff turnover. As such, employee wellbeing is central to overall organisational success. With a reliable access control system in place, incidents against staff are reduced and employees can take comfort from the fact that their premises is secure.

5) Better Crime Resolution

Security issues can severely damage a business’s reputation for safety and professionalism, especially in the entertainment sector. Break-ins, fraud, and anti-social behaviour can deter footfall, mess with demand planning, and create unnecessary costs, all of which can impact the bottom line. If security breaches happen, a lack of information often clouds the reporting process, creating unnecessary headaches, errors, and inaccuracies, ultimately costing organisations both time and money. When a site is properly monitored with an access control system, there are no grey areas regarding who has visited, enabling swifter crime resolution.

What Next?

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Image Source: Unsplash