10 Reasons why IP CCTV Camera Systems and Security Equipment are Essential on Building Sites

CCTV cameras, access control and alarm systems on building site

Most construction sites have some kind of video surveillance system, but these are often isolated cameras that need to be manually monitored. An IP CCTV camera system links visual surveillance in with your security alarms, access controls, and monitoring systems, giving you a real-time overview of your site and allowing you to improve security and productivity. Here are 10 reasons you should invest in a modern IP CCTV camera system for your next construction project:

1) Monitor contractors and construction workers

CCTV cameras are normally viewed as a security measure, but they also have benefits in terms of productivity. By monitoring your construction workers and contractors on site, you can reduce instances of truancy and unauthorised breaks. You can also use video monitoring to identify skills gaps in your team and feed this into personalised training programmes.

2) Evaluate the site

Cameras positioned around your site effectively create a real-time site survey, allowing you to evaluate the site to establish the most efficient storage and access points. This has the potential to save time, improve safety, and increase efficiency. Problem areas (e.g., congested entrances and exits) and safety hazards can be quickly identified and addressed.

3) Monitor use of resources

A monitoring system can help you keep track of your building materials and resources, allowing prompt reordering and identifying inefficiencies. It can also allow you to identify and correct unsustainable driving practices, such as engines kept idling, reducing your fuel use and expenses.

4) Keep track of project management

Strategically positioned cameras give you real-time oversight of the progress of your project. This data can be used to verify project schedules, keep clients and contractors informed, and address delays and bottlenecks before they derail your project.

5) Prevent crime

Construction sites are a goldmine of valuable building materials, vehicles, and construction plant – and are, therefore, the target for both planned and opportunistic heists. Having a visible and integrated security and monitoring system will often put off minor criminals, while making it easier to identify determined thieves and recover stolen property.

6) Provide evidence for criminal prosecutions

If a crime occurs on site, a good CCTV system with accurate facial recognition and number plate recognition provide excellent evidence when the case goes to a criminal court. Audio integration with your video cameras will further strengthen your case.

7) Provide evidence in civil personal injury lawsuits

Despite the best efforts of health and safety officers, occasional accidents are unavoidable on building sites. Exaggerated or falsified claims also take place. A CCTV camera system provides clear visual evidence of accidents and demonstrates a chain of accountability that can be used to settle civil personal injury lawsuits, in a way that is fair to both parties – while dismissing fraudulent claims.

8) Increase worker safety

Camera surveillance of the whole site identifies health and safety risks and allows rapid action to be taken before accidents occur, increasing worker safety.

9) Control access and monitor attendance

When linked to an access control system, an integrated system allows fast and accurate access to site for authorised personnel, while excluding unauthorised access. The same systems can also be used to monitor contractor attendance and verify timesheets, if required.

10) Reduce insurance costs

For the reasons listed above, many insurance companies look kindly on construction projects equipped with modern, integrated surveillance and security systems, and you may be able to take advantage of lower insurance premiums as a result.

What next?

CCTV camera systems, alarms, and security monitoring equipment have been shown to improve security on construction sites, reduce theft of plant and material, and improve productivity among contractors. At HD Integrated, we provide a range of bespoke security solutions for building and construction sites, tailored to the needs of your project, so, to find out more, please have a chat with one of our security specialists today.