Why It’s Important That Hotels Install High-End CCTV Camera and Security Access Systems In 2021

Hotel security camera, CCTV, access control and alarm

Hotels go out of their way to create a safe and relaxed environment for their guests, a place where they can unwind and sleep in security and peace. However, as any hotel manager will attest, hotels are frequently the target of vandalism, crime, and antisocial behaviour that can place both staff and guests at risk – as well as damaging the reputation of the establishment.

When travel restrictions and social distancing rules are (hopefully) eased in spring/summer 2021, many hotels are expecting a boom in trade, as people make up for cancelled plans in 2020. To prepare for this, here are four reasons you should invest in a high-end CCTV camera and security access system, to safeguard you against losses and protect your hotel.

1) Keep trespassers from entering the premises and guests’ rooms. 

Some hotel door access systems are worryingly insecure, giving trespassers easy access to guest rooms, or to storage areas of the hotel, increasing the risk of theft. Criminals aside, many un-authorised persons are simply after a free pass to the hotel swimming pool, gym, or breakfast buffet – which can cost you money and damage your reputation for security. An access and control system linked to a CCTV network strengthens your overall level of security and prevents unauthorised access better than just employing door security personnel.

2) Prevent theft and other unethical activities by employees

Unfortunately, despite all attempts at vetting and referencing staff, many thefts and unethical activities are ultimately traced to employees, whether this involves petty theft from the till, or stealing guest’s belongings. Most of these thefts are crimes of opportunity, and are engaged in because the perpetrator doesn’t believe they’ll be caught. An integrated security system will give potential thieves pause for thought, and ensure that any issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

3) Allows for remote monitoring 

An integrated CCTV and security system allows remote monitoring, reducing the number of staff you need on each shift, and allowing real-time alerts to call in support when necessary.

4) Violent crime prevention 

Violent crime in hotels themselves is rare, but altercations between guests do occasionally break out, or malicious persons may attempt to force entry. At higher risk are back and side entrances, especially if these lead onto secluded streets and alleyways, as well as car parks and unloading bays. These quiet and shadowy areas can act as refuges for pickpockets, car thieves, and muggers, among other criminals. An advanced, light-sensitive CCTV network will cover your entire hotel premises, ensuring illegal activities don’t take place on your property, and safeguarding people entering and exiting the building.

Improved security and access for your hotel

A remotely monitored CCTV, security, and access control system can improve the security of your hotel, and provide added safety for your guests and staff. To find out more about our services, or to discuss your needs in person, please give one of our CCTV specialists a call today.