Why You Should Incorporate Alarm Systems Into Your Security Systems

Think of a commercial security system and CCTV is normally the first thing that comes to mind. On many premises, security alarms seem to have fallen out of fashion or, at the very least, have not been upgraded with the vigilance and attention paid to CCTV equipment. In this article, we discuss why business alarms remain the cornerstone of all well-rounded commercial security systems, and how today’s business alarm systems offer greater security and support than ever before.

Why Install Security Alarms?

There is something visceral and immediate about a security alarm. When an alarm goes off within audible range, everyone pays attention, and even the most professional criminal will find it difficult to concentrate and remain calm under a consistent barrage of loud, relentless noise. 

Most opportunistic thieves and vandals will make a quick exit as soon as they trip an alarm, but there are other benefits of alarms that go beyond their immediate deterrent effect: 

  • Damage limitation: While many criminals are skeptical about the effectiveness of CCTV, the presence of an alarm system is often enough to deter most crimes. This deterrent effect extends to thefts and break-ins, but also to antisocial behaviour in general, especially when combined with an efficient camera system. If an alarm is not enough to prevent a crime, it may be effective at limiting damage and theft of property by prompting the criminals to make a faster getaway, and it may distract them enough that they make mistakes, making it easier to resolve crimes.
  • Rapid response: A linked up alarm system enables you to get help from authorities or security services straightaway, helping prevent crimes while still in process, and limiting loss and damage to property.
  • Reliable monitoring of your building: An alarm system supports your security team by monitoring your building around the clock, providing an infallible record of attempted property violations and trespasses.

Modern Integrated Alarm Systems

Modern commercial security alarms are more intuitive and versatile than previous systems, with a range of inbuilt features that combine surveillance, monitoring and control, making it easier than ever to manage the security of your business. They also come with safeguards that reduce the likelihood of them being accidentally triggered by the wind, software or hardware glitches, or by employees going about their work (the faulty house alarm that goes off intermittently for weeks while the owner is on holiday is no longer an issue with modern commercial security alarms).

One of the biggest strengths of modern alarm systems is their capacity to integrate with other security and surveillance features, including but not limited to CCTV. Commercial alarms can now be configured to sound when specific images, people, or situations are detected, and alerts can be sent to nominated persons by SMS and email, reducing dependence on audible alarms, and enabling a rapid and effective response.

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Image source: Unsplash