The 6 Main Reasons Why CCTV Security Camera Systems are important in Schools

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Both primary and secondary schools require CCTV security camera systems to counteract a range of threats. To be effective at prevention and detection, it isn’t sufficient for there to be a handful of cameras positioned at random – the system should be designed and installed with the specific layout of the school in mind, and aware of the risks students and teachers may face. These are the top six risks that a school security system should be designed to prevent.

1) Threats to students 

Students face a range of threats both from outside the school – in the form of careless drivers, paedophiles, drug dealers, children from other schools etc – and from bullies within the school itself. A tailored school CCTV system helps to exclude external threats, while providing a safer environment for students in the school by deterring bullying and theft, and enabling issues in the classroom and playground to be acted on swiftly. Even the visible presence of a CCTV camera is often enough to deter opportunistic threats.

2) Threats to teachers 

Sadly, and especially in some secondary schools, teachers occasionally face verbal or even physical abuse from students or their parents. Not only this, but teachers constantly have to work under the shadow of false allegations from pupils. A school security camera system helps maintain a safe working environment for teachers, and provides a visual and audio record to fall back on if accusations are made.

3) Antisocial behaviour & crime

Schools are, unfortunately, all too often the target of antisocial behaviour and crime. Antisocial behaviour, in this context, includes irresponsible driving and drop off practices by parents outside the school, which pose a risk of harm to pupils, and extends to nuisance practices such as smoking in the school grounds and reckless behaviour by children. On the criminal end of the spectrum, schoolchildren are often the target of drug gangs, and in some areas, knife crime and violence has been known to erupt within school grounds. All of these behaviours can be deterred and prevented by a CCTV system, especially one linked to a series of alarms and alerts that enable police to get involved when required.

4) Theft and vandalism 

Outside of school hours, and during holidays, schools present easy targets for vandals and thieves. Thoughtless graffiti and smashed windows cost schools thousands to repair, and valuable computer and sports equipment is at risk of being stolen by targeted criminals. A network of security cameras, positioned to provide maximum coverage of vulnerable areas, will put off opportunists and provide accurate facial recognition when a school falls victim of crime.

5) Unauthorised access during school hours

A school security system provides access control benefits during school hours, ensuring only authorised persons entry to the premises. This prevents delays to legitimate access – such as parents, staff, contractors, and deliveries – and avoids the risk to reception staff from having to physically prevent access to unauthorised persons.

6) Emergency Situations

Finally, a modern CCTV system provides a first line of defence in a range of emergency situations, such as fires, floods, and electrical faults. Cameras equipped with thermal sensors and audio microphones can often pick up faults before they’re detected by smoke alarms, allowing rapid evacuation and ensuring the safety of staff and pupils.

Next steps

In an age where antisocial and criminal behaviour remains, regrettably, a real threat to schools, we provide bespoke school security camera systems to provide teachers, school staff, pupils and parents with enhanced peace of mind. At HD Integrated, we offer end-to-end, bespoke school security solutions, including supply, installation and maintenance. For a free quote, or to discuss your needs, please give us a call today.