The Benefits Of An Access Control System

Many casinos and large establishments install intercoms for enhanced security and surveillance, but if you need to keep paperwork, goods, offices, or residences secure, you’ll also benefit from installing a digital electronic lock access control system (or ACS). It’s the modern, safe, and efficient solution to controlling access permissions and entry while securing a solid, near-unbreakable security perimeter.

How Do Access Control Systems Work?

Access control systems use a central, digital control panel to manage permission settings and user verification for a building-wide network of wireless (or independent) powered electronic locks and readers. When a keycard, biometric imprint, or fob scans in, the computer checks for authorised permission for that door or area. If it doesn’t match the server’s data, access is denied. Malicious actors, lost or confused employees and visitors, uncleared staff, and opportunistic burglars are kept firmly out of where they shouldn’t be.

That’s just the basics. Here’s what an ACS could do for you.

Quick-granting permission to areas helps get new and promoted staff up and running. Proximity wireless scanning, automatic permission detection, and zero-contact electronic mechanisms all aid time-strapped users. By eliminating ‘tripping’ manual locks, ACS also assists low mobility (disabled) access.

Eliminates Traditional Keys

Digital keycards are unique to each authorised user. They’re far harder to copy and spoof and can easily be created from basic templates without waiting for cutting. It’s far cheaper than paying for unique key shapes for every single lock, too.

Saves Money, Time, and Energy

Automation is great. Running your security lock grid from a central point frees up your personnel to work on more productive, proactive tasks. Electronic control can also save you the hassle of paying for in-person checkpoints and overnight shifts.

Accurately Track Who Enters, Stays, and Leaves

Each electronic lock comes equipped with a data logger and timestamp, all of which feedback to the server. Using simple, ‘at-a-glance’, chronological lists, you can quickly check which items allowed access to which rooms, and when access was granted. Dedicated software can automatically flag up unusual activity and alert you to anomalies immediately.

Guards Against Accidental and Malicious Intruders

Buildings with ACS installed are simply more secure. ACS servers are harder to trick, modify, and subvert due to excellent permission management and transparent, near-panoptic system oversight.

24-7, Open-Plan Access

Automatic authentication and door control mean your employees can check in and out as and when they want. 24-7 door and site access opens up your business to flexitime, emergency callouts, and rolling shifts.

Helps Prevent Data Breaches

ACS boosts your data protection, ensuring full GDPR compliance. By seamlessly restricting sensitive archive access to approved employees and data protection officers, running an on-site archive becomes so much easier.

Creates Safer Working Spaces

Constant, monitored ACS protection gives you, your employees, and your customers better peace of mind. Designated sectors and secure rooms help create truly secure areas, and enable responsive crowd management to support your door staff.

Reduces Theft, Prying, and Accidents

Electronic deadbolt locks provide far stronger resistance against attempted break-ins. ACS logs and relays all failed entry attempts or door outages to a designated person, alerting you to any suspicious activity, vandalism, or faults.

Ensures Better Regulatory Compliance

The security given by a quality ACS setup can help you meet the criteria needed for ISO certifications, safety inspections, and GDPR checks. It’s also great proof of preventative forethought against liability or loss.

Find Out More

At HD Integrated we provide a range of inter-connected surveillance, security, and access management solutions for casinos and gaming establishments, improving security and safeguarding your customers and employees. To find out more, please contact one of our security advisors today.  

How To Install an Access Control System

Refitting your secure doors with a centralised, electronically-controlled network of locks (an Access Control System) can be a daunting task – if you don’t know where to start. Thankfully, it’s easy if you plan, know your priorities, and hire the experts.

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